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Feb 24

The road outside the russian embassy (why does a Terrorist State still have embassies in civilised countries?) has been re-named today:


  1. Shaun asks a pertinent question: why does this terror/genocide regime still have an embassy?
    (LinkedIn’s army of pro-Ukraine business people rightly have a tacit agreement always to refer to russia, as opposed to Russia).
    In addition to the embassy there is is large building in Highgate, North London, known as “The Trade Delegation of the Russian Federation in the United Kingdom.” It was established in 1920. Then, as now, it’s just a snake pit of spies, agent provocateurs and criminals. It can serve no useful purpose for the UK. Shut it down now.
    The UK, as does the US and other democracies, have large and impressive embassies and consulates in RuZZia.
    The time has now come to shut them all down. For the next 30 years.
    No more purchasing of putinazi energy or anything else. All companies headquartered in democracies must be forced to pay an immediate 100% of profits accrued in Russia since 2014.

    • I say it all the time; mafia land is not a real country, and thus it has no real diplomats, ergo, it should not have embassies and consulates.

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