“There will be some Muscovites”: Putin spoke about the collapse of Russia

Anastasia Gorbacheva10:38, 26.02.23

The President of the Russian Federation again blamed the Western countries for everything.

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin called the new goal of the “evil” West. The politician said that supposedly Western leaders want to “cassify the former Soviet Union and its main part – the Russian Federation.”

“If we follow this path, I think that the fate of many peoples of Russia, and above all, of course, the Russian people, can change dramatically, well, just radically. I don’t even know if such an ethnic group as the Russian people can survive in in the form in which it is today. Well, there will be some Muscovites, Urals and so on. It was all in the plans, these plans are set out on paper, “Putin said in an interview with the Rossiya 1 propaganda TV channel.

According to him, allegedly Russia turned a blind eye to this for a long time in order to build partnerships

“It’s just that in the conditions of building relations we tried not to talk about it for partnership reasons. But it’s all there, it’s all written, everything is written on a piece of paper. Well, now that their attempts to remake the world after the collapse of the Soviet Union have brought it exclusively for themselves, to such a situation, well, of course, we are forced to respond to this,” the Russian president summed up.

The collapse of Russia – what is known

Western leaders, after seeing the crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine, came to the conclusion that the Russian Federation in this form should not exist. Former British Prime Minister Boris  Johnson said there could be no concessions to Putin . Later, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz  and  French President Emmanuel Macron made similar statements . 

At the same time, his Czech President Petr Pavel expressed  his opinion about unacceptable scenarios for the loss of the Russian Federation , because if it falls apart, then the world will have more problems.

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  1. These politicians, ex Boris, are double talking bullshit artists. I don’t trust them for a minute. Too much talk of appeasement these days. We need to move on with a counter offensive and get these scum sucking orcs out of our country.

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