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The Russian Federation has lost up to 70% of its ground equipment in Ukraine.

The Russian Federation has lost entire armies during the 12 months of the war in Ukraine , which have been preparing and pumping up weapons for decades. Now the Russian Federation does not have these resources.

Forbes estimates that Russia spent $114.4 billion (about $10 billion monthly) on the war – a third of all Russian budget revenues for 2021.

Most of the money was spent on providing for the military – $ 36 billion per year. Another $24.7 billion went to salaries and $29.1 billion to compensate the wounded and the families of the dead.

At the same time, the loss of manpower for Russia reached catastrophic proportions. According to the General Staff, from January 24 to February 24, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated 23,680 Russians. This is four times higher than the average losses of the Russian Federation in the summer of last year. 

Losses in heavy equipment

In addition, Russia has lost the largest armored military formation in Europe – its First Tank Army. In total, 3,350 Russian tanks have been destroyed since the start of the war. At the same time, according to The Military Balance, at the beginning of the invasion, the Russian Federation had a total of 3330 tanks. According to open sources, during this time Russia could reopen and assemble up to 1800 tanks. At the same time, all the best samples were sent immediately to the front.

Also, the aggressor country lost about 40-70% of its ground military equipment in Ukraine. In 12 months, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 471 MLRS out of 1100 units and 2352 artillery systems out of 3080. Although Russia transferred weapons from its stocks to the front, the good work of the Ukrainian defenders made it possible to level the situation.

Losses in aircraft and missiles

The total value of the aircraft that Russia has lost since the beginning of the war is already about $6.5 billion. Destroyed helicopters cost another $3 billion. It should be noted that the restoration of the fleet is a complex and expensive process.

According to the Ministry of Defense, at the beginning of the invasion, the Russian Federation had 2,727 long-range cruise and ballistic missiles, as well as more than 8,500 short-range missiles (up to 200 km). For 12 months, the occupiers used more than 4,000 rockets. In recent months, the rate of shelling has almost halved – from 250-300 to 110-180 rockets per month. 

In the first nine months of a full-scale war, the Russian Federation produced 80 missiles per month. Now, according to the GUR, the maximum is 40 missiles. This indicator does not allow Russia to regularly carry out massive rocket attacks. However, they probably still have about 1100-1300 long-range missiles in reserve.

Current RF losses

According to the latest data, the Ukrainian military has already liquidated more than 148 thousand Russian occupiers . The total combat losses of the enemy since February 24 were approximately 148 thousand 130 people, of which 660 were destroyed over the past day. 

During the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine  inflicted 12 air strikes  on the areas of concentration of personnel and military equipment of the occupiers.

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