Military enlistment office in Russian Leningrad Oblast attacked with Molotov cocktails

26 FEBRUARY 2023

An unknown person set fire to a military enlistment office in the city of Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad Oblast, on the night of 25-26 February.

Source: The Insider; Shot

Details: According to the known information, the arson took place around 3:00.
A man wearing black clothing and a facemask threw two bottles of Molotov cocktails at the building of the military enlistment office on Komsomolska Street and fled.

Only one bottle caught fire: it hit the window of the Social Fund, which is located in the same building.

According to Shot, two square metres of plastic ceiling cladding burned down there. The premises of military enlistment office allegedly were not damaged. Currently, the police are trying to identify the arsonist and are considering an issue of opening a criminal case.

Russian media report that during a year at least 112 people have been persecuted for arsons of military enlistment offices, sabotages at railway stations and other radical anti-war actions or preparations for them.  

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  1. “The premises of military enlistment office allegedly were not damaged.”

    Better luck next time. Maybe refraining from drinking one Molotov bottle before the attack would help to aim better.

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