Igor Girkin says Russia needs a Chinese “lend-lease” if it’s to continue fighting in Ukraine “with any level of success”



  1. I hope that we’re not losing the window of opportunity to emerge victorious without letting this war sink into a bigger, more murderous and destructive quack mire. A full backing by the chicoms could very well assure such a horror scenario.
    But, we’re hearing from various Western nations the desire to force Ukraine to the negotiating table. Maybe this gives the chicoms even more reason to punish the free world and to help their little evil buddies to victory.
    And maybe the Western house of cards is about to collapse…

  2. To some extent some chinese corporations are already providing some commodities to the rashists.
    Very concerning some of the things that are being further contemplated and not without winnie-the-pooh’s knowledge or direction. All 54 allied nations need to agree on muscovia being a terrorist state and their leadership a terrorist organization. This action will close many loopholes that remain open.

  3. If China overtly aids though, their economy will be hit by sanctions too. I think they would save that penalty for an attempt on Taiwan. Xi can probably survive public unhappiness for the love of China (ie their claim Taiwan is China) but could he for Russia’s claim on Crimea. Anti-Americanism will only take you so far. I’m not convince Chinese people want to suffer economically for Putin’s gain.

    Then too there is India. And the Philippines. China is not without rivals it wouldn’t like to see strengthened.

    Iran I get. They have nothing to lose and so much Russian missile tech to gain. China? What would be in it for them other than to flip a finger to the West?

    I think they will just back Russia somewhat to keep the concept of former territory still being territory alive and well so they can play that card again when they go to get Taiwan.

    Of course China may pursue such a course so as to nationalize all the foreign production in China.

    That said, their property market is vastly overpriced and debt (both domestically and on the belt and road initiative) is quite alarming. A war might be a nice distraction but they have financed their growth so a loss of revenue now might really be devastating.

    As long as they hold large amounts of US treasuries, I don’t see them risking it.

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