Explosions sounded at the airfield in Belarus where Russian planes are located – media

Nazar Steporuk15:57, 26.02.23

It is reported that one military transport aircraft of the Russian Federation was damaged.

On Sunday morning, February 26, two explosions sounded at the airfield in Machulishchi , which is located 12 kilometers from Minsk. The causes of the incident are still unknown.

This information was shared by the BYPOL portal in the official Telegram channel. Two explosions reportedly damaged a Russian military transport aircraft and snowplows. The model of the aircraft of the Russian Federation, which suffered as a result of the incident, is still unknown.

Official comments on the causes of the explosions have not yet been received from the government of Belarus. However, local residents reported that a large concentration of military and traffic police crews was observed in the Machulishchi area. They check all the cars that pass by the military facility.

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