Could China be about to get involved in the war in Ukraine?

At the 3.50 mark is an interview with Evgeny Popov, of United Russia, that demonstrates the utter futility of trying to talk to such people. A nazi accusing his victims of being nazis.


  1. “Could China be about to get involved in the war in Ukraine?”

    If we had assured a quick and decisive victory for Ukraine, this question would never have emerged. There wouldn’t have been enough time for the chinks to even think about it, and our quick and decisive action would’ve served as a loud and clear warning to all trash nations.
    So, what are we doing now in the face of a real prospect of china’s involvement? Nothing. There is not a single measure visible that would tell us and our enemies that we’re doubling down. Western tanks are still a ways off to arrive in full force, and Western planes are still out of the question. If Ukraine has sufficient long-range strike capabilities, which is essential, is still not clear.
    In effect, we are still sending the same, weak signals to bat virus land, Iran and North Korea. There is no real strength and no real resolve visible. Only lethargy and fear. These trash nations thrive on our weakness.

    • Did you see the interview part with that foul scum Popov? The creature was spewing out horrendous “Kyiv nazis” hate and lies. He is close to putler. He was full of confidence and is obviously expecting a negotiated settlement.
      You just can’t talk to dogshit like that, but it looks like Ukraine might be going to be pushed into it.

      • It’s simply unbelievable what a gang of incompetent buffoons we have in our capitals. They just refuse to face reality. I guess 8 years of useless negotiations with the crime syndicate weren’t enough humiliation.

      • They must not be allowed to lie that Ukraine is killing Ukrainians or even Russians for that matter, in the Donbas. They must not be allowed to infer that someone is Russian because they speak Russian. Wasn’t that Hitler’s argument too? If citizenship was determined by language then 80% of the world would be British….

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