Bulgaria to resume production of Soviet shells specifically for Ukrainian Armed Forces – NYT

Marta Gichko19:19, 26.02.23

A plant is being launched in the country, which has been idle for 35 years.

The Bulgarian plant “Terem” in the city of Kostenets launches the production of 122 mm shells after 35 years of inactivity. The products will be supplied exclusively for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to The New York Times , the start of ammunition production at the plant was good news for the residents of Kostenets, because it means an increase in jobs. 

The plant ceased production of 122mm shells as early as 1988, when the Cold War came to an end. Soon the conveyors will start working again – 35 years after the last 122-mm shells left Terem.

In addition, the shell factory in the city of Sopot switched to a 6-day work week in order to meet the needs of Ukraine in ammunition. At the same time, the sources of financing the production of shells are not public. According to the publication, the government of Bulgaria, or investments from Western countries can finance the production.

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