Ukrainian HIMARS Now Hit At Much Greater Distance

The situation at the front and in the rear of the Russian troops is changing dramatically.

 25 FEBRUARY 2023

Retired Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military expert Roman Svitan explained the powerful series of explosions in occupied Mariupol, which have been taking place for several days in a row. The reason for the explosions in the city, he believes, may be the use of new, longer-range ammunition for the HIMARS MLRS by the Ukrainian defense forces.

Mr. Svitan said this on the air of the Pryamoi TV channel. The nearest point from which you can hit enemy targets in Mariupol from HIMARS is 120 kilometers from the city, and the range of new shells for MLRS is up to 150 kilometers.

“It could be the same HIMARS, GLSDB has a 90 kg warhead. Most likely they were delivered to us, I think so … Our HIMARS have already begun to work with a range of 150 km. It may be GLSDB — the best option. These are the first signs of the deliveries that our partners promised,” the expert believes.

Mr. Svitan also talked about the GLSDB “winged bombs”, capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 150 kilometers. However, they are not officially in Ukraine yet, on February 3, the United States announced the provision of another package of military assistance to Ukraine, which included this ammunition.

Mr. Svitan added that the occupiers have turned Mariupol into a military logistics hub. This city is important for the occupiers due to the presence of a port in it, as well as an airfield and large enterprises where they can set up their bases. Manpower and ammunition are transferred from the Russian Federation through Mariupol, so there is a lot of work for long-range weapons there.


  1. “The reason for the explosions in the city, he believes, may be the use of new, longer-range ammunition for the HIMARS MLRS by the Ukrainian defense forces.”

    Could be. Maybe not. I still prefer Ukraine having its own long-range capability. But, it doesn’t really matter, as long as cockroaches and their material are being fried.

  2. A few GLSDB were expected by spring if various accelerate agreements 3rd party suppliers could be reached. That might be pre-production (testing/demo) stuff.

    Let’s hope those + Ukraine’s Vilkham M (long range) + the UK’s Storm Shadow will be able to have a measurable effect in disrupting supplies until the production GLSDBs are more readily available.

    With China buzzing US planes, I don’t see the ATCAMs being pried away from Marines in the Pacific.

    One way or another, I don’t see Kerch making it through this war unless Ukraine decides for whatever reason to spare it.

    • I doubt it very much that Ukraine would want to spare the bridge. Maybe for a short while to give the rats a corridor to flee, but that’s all. Destroying the Kerch Bridge would be a very large victory and cause all sorts of problems for the cockroaches.

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