The United States deployed strategic bombers to Europe after Russia’s withdrawal from START

Oleg Davygora01:32, 25.02.23

Aircraft from the 5th Air Wing from Minot, North Dakota, have been deployed to the EU.

Three days after President Vladimir Putin announced Russia’s de facto withdrawal from the Strategic Arms Treaty , the United States deployed nuclear-weapon-carrying aircraft to Europe.

Four B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers arrived at Moron Air Base in Spain on Friday, February 24, the US Air Force Command in Europe said .

Aircraft from the 5th Air Wing from Minot, North Dakota, were deployed to the EU “to cooperate and strengthen relations with NATO allies and partners,” as well as to demonstrate “the US commitment to collective defense,” the command said.

Before arriving at the Spanish base, the B-52s visited Estonia, where they made a low-altitude overflight over Tallinn as part of national independence day events. According to the command, the bombers deployed to Europe in the coming days will take part in joint operations and exercises involving partners and allies.

Russia’s Renunciation of the Strategic Arms Treaty – Details

During his speech to the Russian parliament on February 21, Vladimir Putin announced his  decision to suspend Russia’s participation in the Strategic Nuclear Arms Treaty . This treaty provided for restrictions on the production of nuclear weapons and introduced a mechanism for mutual inspections of the US and Russian nuclear arsenals.

NATO has said it  regrets Putin’s decision  to withdraw from the nuclear weapons treaty. Stoltenberg also rejected Putin’s accusations that Kyiv and its Western allies were to blame for the war.

The United States does not plan to build up its nuclear arsenal and does not see Russia’s ability to do so. Washington would like to return to the usual regime of mutual inspections of nuclear arsenals.

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  1. If I were POTUS, I would’ve handed over to Ukraine a couple squadrons of BUFFs, to carpet bomb cockroach positions, transport routes, artillery emplacements, ammo and fuel dumps and any other worthy target, just as we’ve done in WWII. Having such planes in countries outside of Ukraine is worthless.

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