The Penza region of the Russian Federation banned Biden from entering because of his “bad” personal qualities

Veronika Prokhorenko15:51, 25.02.23

Penza residents believe that the US leader will never be able to compare with them in kindness, honesty and responsiveness.

In the Russian outback, they decided to respond to Western sanctions and introduced their own restrictions against US leader Joe Biden and his family: the politician was banned from entering the Penza region of the Russian Federation. 

The categorical ban on the part of the Penza community was announced by the head of the region Oleg Melnichenko in Telegram . According to him, Biden will never be able to compare in personal qualities with the inhabitants of the Penza region, so they are not happy to see him on their territory. 

“Our region does not welcome on its territory those who allow themselves direct insults against Russia and its population. We do not need such people. Penza residents have always been famous for their responsiveness to other people’s troubles, kindness and honesty. Biden does not have all these qualities,” – he wrote.

At the same time, Melnichenko clarified that Biden has very little chance of a “correction.”

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    • Yeah, don’t insult those sheep that prefer to live like pigs just to have bombs to rain on their neighbors. They are the epitome of upstanding morals…

      Maybe for a 2nd website we could do accurate Moskali interpretations. You know, up translates as down, black/white/ invade/liberate…it might become popular too 😉

        • Exactly. How many times have we heard “we are defending our people” and “it is our duty”? Then again, “protecting” means bombing the shit out of everything. And they still claim they’re not targeting civilians. I suppose in Moskali language that means they were targeting the apartment blocks but not the people living inside. WTF…

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