Lukashenka says Poles and Lithuanians dream of Belarusian dictatorship (video)

Marta Gichko17:25, 25.02.23

According to him, everyone will be shown the elections that will take place in these countries soon.

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko again surprised with a “sensation” about Lithuanians and Poles. According to him, these countries “want” to have the same dictatorship that he created.

During a conversation with Belarusian propagandists, Lukashenka stated that the desires of the peoples of Poland and Lithuania supposedly do not coincide with the actions of their authorities. 

“When the Poles arrived, the Lithuanians came to us, looked at our dictatorship and said:“ We also want this. ”And the desires of the peoples of Lithuania and Poland do not coincide with the desires and actions of the authorities, but people will figure it out. The Poles are not fools, they are such people, like us. And the Lithuanians are also far from fools. They will figure it out, they will also have elections in the near future. Let’s see how democratically they will hold them. If the authorities do not allow the peoples to vote, then the people will be overthrown,” the dictator said.

Lukashenka does not hide the fact that he created a dictatorial regime in Belarus. Recently, he publicly stressed that without a dictatorship in the country, Belarusians “would go naked.”

Subsequently, Lukashenko said that it was necessary to curb prices in the country, “using the advantages of the dictatorship .” According to him, the market economy of the Republic of Belarus has become “corrupted”.

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  1. Geez this fuckin idiot is indeed brain dead. I think all autocrats think like him. Reason enough to wish him death

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