Lukashenka revealed the “secret” of his private conversation with Putin on February 24

Veronika Prokhorenko13:46, 25.02.23

The Belarusian dictator shared that his relationship with Putin is such that “God forbid everyone.”

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he had a “long” conversation with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine .

According to Lukashenka’s press service , the conversation between the dictators took place on the evening of February 24. The head of Belarus said “confidentially” that he has a very close relationship with Putin:

“I’ll tell you a secret, last night we talked with him for a long time on various topics. Listen, God forbid that our relationship should always be like that. And after me, that they be like that.”

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  1. WTF? This guy is managing a country. I wouldn’t have this idiot manage a gas station let alone a country. I don’t know any Belorussians but is the entire population this stupid? Where is the population, the society, the mothers, the fathers. Geez. Simply unbelievable!!!

  2. What strange statements. I think loony had one load too many from the little Kremlin wiener, or he’s on some serious brain corroding drugs.

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