Brad Paisley pens country song featuring Ukraine’s Zelenskyy

And here is the song, with guest artist Volodymyr Zelensky! :-


  1. Country music fans : that’s a big market. A lot of them are right or right-leaning people. The very people who need to know that the cause of Ukraine is the most conservative cause imaginable: the defence of freedom and the fight against the evils of fascism.

    • You’re absolutely right, sir scradge. The country music listener is conservative and very conservative, on average. This song could be a valuable gift to Ukraine in making some who think negatively about it to change his or her mind.

      • Zel’s guest appearance in the number is most effective I think. I’d love to see the whole Nashville community get behind Zel, which would fuck up filthy skanks like Taylor-Greene.
        As I often mention, there is no public opinion bloc more important than that of the people of the United States.
        Mr Paisley is donating the royalties to a charity that builds homes for Ukrainians.

        • Mr. Paisley is setting a positive precedence for the rest of the country music community to follow. It should also set a good example for every musician – and actor and actresses – to follow. Although most Americans support Ukraine, it’s always good to dry out the pro-ruskie swamp as much as possible.

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