Zelenskyi on the liberation of Crimea: Everything depends on us, we are technically preparing

Tanya Polyakovska20:34, 02/24/23

He notes that Ukraine is morally ready for this and is preparing for military steps.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, regarding the possibility of the return of Crimea this year, emphasizes that “everything depends on us”, Ukraine is technically preparing.

According to the correspondent of UNIAN, he said this during the press conference “February. The Year of Invincibility”. He was asked what the chances are that Crimea can be physically returned this year, and what the authorities see as ways to reintegrate the territories occupied since 2014.

“Every person in Ukraine really wants every next step to be decisive, final, victorious,” Zelenskyy said.

At the same time, he emphasized that emotions and desires in this matter are not enough. “We have to work. And therefore, answering questions about deadlines and steps, I can tell you only one thing: everything depends on us. It depends on all of us. There are military steps, we are preparing for them. We are ready morally, we are preparing technically: weapons, strengthening, formation of brigades, formation of offensive brigades – of different categories and of different nature,” the president noted.

In addition, he added, Ukrainian servicemen undergo training in Ukraine and abroad, because the weapons provided by international partners are “of a different model and we must be ready.”

“And then there will be corresponding fair de-occupation steps. And God grant us that they will be successful,” said the head of state.

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  1. Sure. All Zelensky wants is Crimea. He would sacrifice the entire ukrainian state for this goal. 100.000 killed civilians already. Just wondering how predominantly ruSSian populated Crimea will benefit Ukraine. Yes, i’m politically incorrect again. Someone has to. 😎

    • I admire your chutzpah to state your opinion regardless of what others may think , however much I disagree with your opinion doesn’t really matter.
      It’s up to the Ukrainian people to decide that.
      I understand your practical aversion to casualties but I have to ask myself, if I were Ukrainian, what would I do?

    • You have the right to voice your opinion, Mike, as long as it’s pro-Ukrainian or anti-mafia. We’ll look the other way about your Crimea comments. 😎

      • Yes. I am the black sheep again. Gladly. 😁 But RuSSia is still very soft on Ukraine (no shit). My mom was ukrainian, and i’m suffering more than you guys do.

  2. Yes. But would the ruSSians in Crimea accept ukrainian rule? How likely is a revolt. And even without a revolt, wouldn’t they support pro-ruSSian parties to weaken Ukraine? Before the annexation ethnic ruSSians in Crimea were about 70%.

    • I have friends in Crimea who are ethnic russians but who are pro-Ukraine. They are counting the days when they don’t have to look at the rag of mafia land flying over the peninsula anymore.

  3. Crimea is Ukrainian, Crimea will be in our possession again. There is no doubt about it. The ruskies polluting the peninsula are living on borrowed time.

    • Although i understand your point. This position, including the ‘Crimean Platform’, is the reason for the escalation of this war. BTW, where are the F-16’s?

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