Today, the US will announce a new $2 billion aid package to Ukraine – CNN

Yana Stavska08:22, 02/24/23

The package will include, in particular, missiles for HIMARS.

The White House will announce a new $2 billion military aid package for Ukraine on the anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion, CNN writes .

The package will include, in particular: HIMARS missiles; 155-mm artillery shells; several types of drones; equipment for combating UAVs; demining equipment; training and service funding.

Aid to Ukraine from the USA is relevant

Just four days ago, on February 20, US President Joe Biden, while in Kyiv, announced a new aid package for Ukraine in the fight against the Russian invaders.

The $500 million package included, among other things, ammunition for HIMARS and howitzers, Javelin, anti-tank systems, aerial surveillance systems.

Biden also announced the commitment to supply weapons – more than 700 tanks, thousands of armored vehicles, a thousand artillery systems, more than 2 million artillery shells and others.

Hundreds of armored vehicles , air defense systems, missiles and other weapons were included in the January 20 aid tranche .

The West helps Ukraine with weapons – the latest news

The USA and EU countries are focused on supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons, including battle tanks , on the eve of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces.

In addition, Western partners are helping to arm the Ukrainian army  with anti-aircraft weapons to combat mass missile attacks by the Russian Federation.

Separately, the West is increasing the production of artillery shells , which are badly needed by the Armed Forces.

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