The true impact of a year of war on Russia’s economy | DW Business Special

Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld from Yale School of Management joins us to discuss the true impact of a year of war on Russia’s economy. The likes of the International Monetary Fund say they expect Russian GDP to grow this year. Professor Sonnenfeld argues that those predictions are not based in reality. We discuss the work of Professor Sonnenfeld’s team in keeping track of which companies have pulled out of Russia and which remain. Also hear why the professor believes Russia’s hands have been tied by sanctions against its oil and gas sectors.


  1. Great interview and the dissecting of russian propaganda about their economy, aided and abetted by the World Bank and the IMF, to their shame.

  2. Great interview. Thanks for finding it Sir Foccusser. Allot of great info. Amazing how the western institutions just publish bull crap without examine the truth. Nice to know that these institutions are waking up. Disappointed with some of the companies remaining. Until tonight I enjoyed Heineken, bye bye.

  3. I took thought it was a very interesting interview. I liked the phrase he used, “sunlight is the best antiseptic.”

  4. As long as mafia land’s economy remains in a position to produce and buy weapons and ammo, its economy is not damaged enough. This is the criteria I am going by and nothing else.
    All companies that are still doing business in or with mafia land prove that they have zero honor, zero compassion, zero patriotism, but huge greed, and are boycotted by me.

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