In Ukraine, a bot was developed to block comments in Russian in Telegram groups and channels

The developers of the UA Anti Spam Bot chatbot have added a new function to it, which allows you to block comments written in Russian in Telegram channels and groups.

Transfers  Industrial Portal  with a link to hromadske .

This free tool can be used in two formats: to automatically delete comments and to send warnings in response to messages written in Russian.

The bot is available  at the link . To use it, you need to add it to the chat and make it an administrator.

The developers noted that about 500 Ukrainian Telegram groups and channels already use the bot.

“We understand that due to long historical processes of assimilation, a certain number of Ukrainians still use the language of the occupier and aggressor. And we are not going to somehow offend or hate such people. We have a completely different, constructive goal – to stimulate the spread of the Ukrainian language in social networks,” said Dmytro Vakulenko, a bot developer and front-end engineer at the Master of Code Global IT company.


This chatbot was created at the beginning of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine. The tool allows you to automatically delete from Telegram groups messages containing the names of city locations, shelters, as well as keywords for the movement of troops, the Ministry of Information reported.

The bot is activated when one of the chat or group members writes a message containing the stop word.


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