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Lviv Town Hall

Lviv Town Hall, Church of the Most Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and Lviv National Opera illuminated by the world-famous Swiss artist Gerry Hofstetter to mark the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

📷by Oleksandr Tkachenko

Feb 24, 2023

Good morning World1 Good morning Ukraine!

At 5am on February 24, 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine.

For one year, the Ukrainian Army and Ukrainians have been engaged in a brutal battle with Russia, primarily through the exchange of heavy-weapons fire. This is coupled with Russia’s systematic bombardment of Ukrainian civilian power, water, and communications infrastructure in major cities. Troops are hunkering down in trenches and attempting to outmanoeuvre each other. The conditions are extremely harsh; the war is brutal and there are thousands of killed and maimed. Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield continue to pay a high price in blood, and civilians continue to suffer under Russia’s savage bombardment.

What will happen next? It’s impossible to predict, although Ukrainians know that there is only one solution in their fight for survival: push Russia back to Ukraine’s internationally recognized boundaries of 1991, Russia’s defeat and capitulation, and international guarantees on peace and Russia’s total disarmament.

On this one-year anniversary, we would like to thank all our readers and followers for standing with us and supporting Ukraine. Huge thanks to all our partners and the countries supporting and supplying much-needed weapons and aid to Ukraine! Thank you, and keep it coming!

Ukraine will be free!
Ukraine will win!
Ukraine is Europe!

Photo: MoD Ukraine

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