EU countries agreed on the tenth package of sanctions against Russia

Oleg Davygora, Inna Andalitskaya23:39, 24.02.23

This is the tenth set of EU sanctions against Russia since the start of the large-scale invasion.

Ambassadors of the European Union agree on a new tenth package of sanctions against Russia .

“Finally (!) an agreement on a new package of EU sanctions against Russia. The 10th since the invasion of Ukraine began exactly a year ago,” Radio Liberty journalist Rikard Jozwiak said on Twitter .

This was also reported by the Swedish representation in the European Union.

“Together, the EU member states have imposed the most powerful and widest sanctions in history to help Ukraine win the war. The EU remains one with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We will continue to support Ukraine for as long as necessary,” the Swedish presidency stressed. weight.

The new package, as specified, will include more stringent export restrictions on dual-use goods and technologies and targeted restrictive measures against individuals and legal entities.

Sanctions against Russia – details

On February 15, 2023, the European Commission  officially presented the 10th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation . It proposes to introduce new bans on exports to Russia from the EU of critical technologies and industrial goods worth more than 11 billion euros.

Sweden said that the tenth package of sanctions  will be powerful and balanced .

In addition,  the first details of the next, anniversary package of sanctions were revealed  .

At the meeting of EU ambassadors on February 22,  no decision was made  on the tenth package of sanctions against Russia. Also, the EU countries failed one of the points of the tenth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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  1. “Together, the EU member states have imposed the most powerful and widest sanctions in history to help Ukraine…”

    Haven’t we seen the same language for sanction package 1 through 9? I think so. Ah but i know, Package no 11 will be poised as “the truly and really most powerful…”

  2. All ten packages should’ve been implemented before a cockroach even set foot on Ukrainian soil. But, no, this would damage Western interests. So, here we are one year later and have a ridiculous ten packages of relatively weak sanctions, while the mafia are still producing weapons and waging war.
    I’m sure that this tenth package also deftly avoids anything that would harm Western financial interests. Who is still doing business in or with mafia land?

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