The G7 countries will allocate $39 billion in financial aid to Ukraine in 2023

Oleg Davigora17:27, 23.02.23

The G-7 finance ministers also discussed the outlook for the global economy.

Finance ministers of the “Big Seven” once again condemned Russia’s war in Ukraine on the eve of its anniversary and pledged to increase financial support for Ukraine .

The G-7 finance ministers increased the budget to $39 billion and confirmed their “unwavering support for Ukraine”, calling Russian aggression illegal, unjustified and unprovoked, writes Bloomberg .

Increased funding will allow Ukraine to continue providing basic services and carry out critical repairs to damaged infrastructure, in addition to stabilizing the economy.

“We reiterate our shared commitment to coordinated economic measures in response to Russia’s aggressive war,” said Shunichi Suzuki, Japan’s finance minister and chairman of the G-7 this year.

“Our sanctions have significantly undermined Russia’s ability to wage an illegal war,” he added.

The G-7 meeting took place in Bangalore, where finance ministers and central bank governors of the G-20 meet on Friday and Saturday. A smaller group of developed countries rallied around Ukraine, expecting that the G-20 message might be softened.

The G-7 finance ministers also discussed the outlook for the global economy amid rapid interest rate hikes to curb inflation. They also reaffirmed their commitment to the exchange rate.

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  1. This is great if there aren’t any strings attached. This would bring it up to where the US is and that we can finally shove some shit into the mouths of Carlson and Goetz

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