State Department says change of president will not change US support for Ukraine

22 FEBRUARY 2023

A senior US official has said that a change in the party that controls the presidency would not affect American support for Ukraine.

Source: Derek Chollet, Counselor of the US State Department, quoted by Sky News, as reported by European Pravda

Asked what would happen if a new president is elected in 2024, he noted that assisting Ukraine is one of the few issues Democrats and Republicans agree on.

“It’s important to note that in the US there has been bipartisan support for our assistance in Ukraine,” he said.

According to Chollet, in the year that has passed since the beginning of the war, the United States has provided almost US$30 billion in security assistance, which is six times higher than Ukraine’s 2021 defence budget.

He called Russia’s suspension of the nuclear weapons treaty “the height of irresponsibility”, but added that the practical impact of this decision is unclear.

“It does not make the world a safer place and yet again reveals Vladimir Putin’s intent to try to undermine global stability,” Chollet added.

Previously: US President Joe Biden, speaking in Warsaw on Tuesday, said that Ukraine’s allies “would not tire” of supporting it in the face of Russia’s full-scale aggression, and Kyiv would “never” be defeated by Russia.

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  1. This is comforting to know, but are they really expecting this horror to last until the next elections?
    I cannot comprehend why not everything is being done to end the killing as soon as possible, and this with a decisive Ukrainian victory. Maybe someone else has an answer to this.

    • They seem to be taking their cue from the chief nazi rat himself. He’s settling in for a long war and instead of formulating a policy to destroy that plan, they go along with it.
      The ant-like strategy of these subhuman scum is to sacrifice hundreds of thousands; millions if necessary, in order to make slow, incremental gains. They have killed or injured 100,000 valuable Ukrainian soldiers; a truly terrible number. That they have lost twice as many expendable orcs is a good result to them.
      If in 2023, they lose another 200k whilst advancing in some areas and Ukraine loses another 100k, they will be happy.
      That is why the allies must provide the means for the defenders to take out 3000 orcs each and every day, which is the point when the position of the occupiers becomes untenable IMHO.

      • It’s baffling to know who our leaders are. They are incompetent and not incapable of formulating an even a simple plan on how this thing should be handled.
        No, it’s not only baffling, it’s downright scary.

    • It seems to me Ukraine’s allies are trying to help but also trying not to make it look like they are in the war. It a political kabuki dance. If China starts helping Putin then I think the gloves will come off.

      • “If China starts helping Putin then I think the gloves will come off.”

        You have too much confidence in their courage, Red.


  3. A new president means a new State Department who may or may not be saying this same thing.

    I really want to see Olena Zelenska on Fox News if she could find a sympathetic host to discuss the plight of Ukrainian children and atrocities. I’d love for her to chastise Kirill – head of the Russian Church – for being ex-KGB. I mean what are these stolen kids going to do? Find solace in the church? Maybe normal people in a normal country might but …

    You know, I’d like to hear her say that type of thing if she could find a true conservative ally because the true conservatives I know aren’t going to look the other way when someone steals a neighbor’s child and rapes them.

    But Fox News kinda goes off in their direction sometimes so maybe it’s better if she doesn’t. Hard to know what spin they might put on it. Depends on the aim I guess. Real conservatives though …

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