Exchange your husband for sausages: the region of the Russian Federation gifted the wives of Russians killed in Ukraine with products

Angela Bachevska05:05, 23.02.23

Due to the stormy reaction to such a gift, the authorities deleted the laudatory post on social networks.

The administration of Vladivostok (Prymorya, RF) presented grocery sets to the wives of Russian soldiers liquidated in Ukraine .

As The Insider writes, the administration specified that the presentation of gifts took place jointly with the company “Ratimir”, which positions itself as “one of the leaders among Russian brands of meat products in the Far East.” “Ratimira” produces sausages, sausages, pates, canned food and semi-finished products.

It is noteworthy that at first the city authorities decided to brag about the distribution of kits in the administration’s Telegram channel, and after the mass media drew attention to the post, it was deleted. 

Gifts for the wives and mothers of the Russian occupiers

The families of participants in the bloody war of aggression unleashed by Russia against Ukraine regularly receive ridiculous gifts from the Russian authorities – firewood, sausages, towels. 

For example, at the beginning of February, fur coats were handed over from Moscow to the relatives of the destroyed “Dnrivites”, a propaganda plot was filmed where the women thanked Russia “from the bottom of their hearts” for such a gift. It is interesting that later one of the heroines of the video, Valya, stated that her fur coat was taken from her right after the recording of the video. She shared her indignation on social networks, without reacting in any way to how cynical the dead man’s exchange for outerwear was. The woman was only dissatisfied with the fact that the gift was taken away.

Previously, in the Moscow region, the families of the mobilized were given 10 kg of potatoes and carrots , and in Yakutia – deer carcasses . 

In the Kursk region of the Russian Federation, the mothers of the fallen occupiers were given  towels and a cake , and in the Republic of Tyva, the family of the Mobik, which was liquidated in Ukraine, was supported with firewood . 

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  1. Perhaps they should make orc meat sausages and give them to orc families? No need to make them into shashlyk, they already are nicely charred.

    • Little Russian children with the taste for human flesh…

      I suppose they are destined to be zombies anyway…

  2. Russian men aren’t worth a fur coat. What is that lady complaining about? She knew it was too good to be true.

    Firewood, sausages, and towels seems about right, but for the sake of nostalgia, maybe Russia should give a little toilet paper too.

    Are Russian men anything more than shit to fertilize Ukrainian soil? Poopootin doesn’t think so, and he tells everyone else what to think and say.

    • I was more thinking about a used toothpick or a dirty napkin as a fair replacement. Or a second hand condom.

    • The name of the company supplying these sausages is interesting, ‘Ratimira’. Is this an indication of the main ingredients? 🤣

      • I was thinking the same thing, as probably most others. 😁I wanted to give it a funny alternative name, but I couldn’t come up with anything catchy with the “imira” part.🙄

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