China called from the UN podium not to give weapons to Ukraine

Yury Kobzar21:42, 23.02.23

China has voiced its position on the war, marking what it considers unacceptable.

China is advocating the end of Western arms supplies to Ukraine, as it allegedly hinders the coming of peace. This was stated by the Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the UN, Dai Bin, at the General Assembly of the organization .

According to him, China’s position on the war in Ukraine has always been “consistent and clear”. Dai Bin noted that “the only way to solve the Ukrainian crisis” is through dialogue. 

“Beijing’s main priority is to promote the cessation of hostilities and hostilities without delay. China is ready to continue playing a constructive role in the settlement of the war in Ukraine. (…) Sending weapons will not bring peace, adding fuel to the fire will only increase tensions,” the diplomat said.

The representative of China voiced an unequivocal rebuke to Russia, declaring the need to “respect the territorial integrity of all countries” and “avoid attacks on the civilian population and civilian infrastructure.”

However, Dai Bin immediately added that “legitimate security concerns of all countries should be taken seriously” – an obvious hint of support for Russian claims to the West. 

Separately, the Chinese diplomat emphasized the inadmissibility of using nuclear weapons in the current war.

“Nuclear weapons cannot be used, nuclear war cannot be unleashed,” Bean said.

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  1. China is advocating the end of Western arms supplies to Ukraine, as it allegedly hinders the coming of Ukrainian slavery.

    Boycott chink products now!

    • They are advocating that security council veto power should be able to enable genocide. Take their security council veto power away.

  2. I think this summary misses an additional point that China is arguing that economic sanctions need to be approved by the security council.

    Russia, therefore, is free to conduct genocide without fear of any economic retaliation.

    Why should any country have the power to commit genocide without fear of consequences? Why should veto power bestow military and economic immunity?

    China’s version of global leadership is merely to strengthen autocrats. It’s be great if China had a clue and could show real leadership but all they can say is “the recognition of human rights is a system of American hegemony that our emperor rejects” like it’s not 1800 yet.

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