Boris Johnson wants to become NATO Secretary General

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that he will run for the post of Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Source: Johnson on a 24/7 Ukrainian newscast, as reported by European Pravda

Quote: “Heading NATO? That’s a great idea. You know, it is a very good idea. I want to emphasise, dear friends, that I have this idea, and let no one forget that there is a candidate [for NATO Secretary General] on the line. This time, I think I will be lucky,” Johnson said.

Details: He recalled that former Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi suggested that a representative of the European Union should be appointed as the next NATO Secretary General.

“I completely disagree with him. I think there are other candidates outside the European Union. It doesn’t have to be the EU. I certainly consider myself a candidate. It is a good and important position,” the former British prime minister added.

Johnson stressed that NATO is “stronger than ever” and will soon be joined by new members Sweden and Finland.

“And we see quite clearly that Ukrainian membership is a prospect. It has to happen, it is obvious. Putin has debunked all the arguments against Ukraine’s accession to NATO. Now they are gone,” he summarised.

Jens Stoltenberg, incumbent NATO Secretary General, who has been in office since 1 October 2014, was supposed to resign last year and planned to head the central bank in his native Norway, but due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, it was decided to extend his term until 30 September 2023.

At present, most of the allies would also prefer not to change the head of the Alliance and have unofficially agreed to extend Stoltenberg’s term until April 2024. However, Jens Stoltenberg himself would like to leave office this autumn.

According to Euractiv, there is no consensus between the countries on the candidate for Stoltenberg’s successor.


  1. “He recalled that former Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi suggested that a representative of the European Union should be appointed as the next NATO Secretary General.”

    Representatives from the EU have been NATO secretary generals since 2003, and look where that got us. It’s time to replace the jellyfish with someone who’ll call a spade a spade. He gets my vote.

  2. Well, when he first stood for Mayor of hopelessly socialist London, no one gave him a chance, including me. But then, incredibly he won it; twice.
    No one thought he would ever become PM, but somehow he did it.
    No one thought he could get Brexit through with a horribly pro-EU parliament. But again he gambled, called an election and delivered a pro-Brexit parliament.
    When putler unleashed his Holocaust, Boris was quick to provide NLAWS, which, along with Javelins, won the battle of Kyiv.
    So you can never write Boris off. But he will be up against the Franco-German alliance, which will want yet another socialist to replace Marxist Stoltenberg.

  3. I’d prefer (Retired) Lieutenant General Ben Hodges.

    It’s odd how the commentary here has always been the political advisors shouldn’t be making military decisions. Boris is viewed as special I guess.

    In terms of Ukranian need, it seems better logistics in supplies of military aid is crucial. Hodges would have a better handle on that than Boris who quite frankly left the UK in a mess.

    But Boris is pro support so qualified I guess.

  4. I don’t think it will be him.
    People associate him too much with Brexit and covid scandals.

    Also he probably has a bad relationship with people like Von der Leyen and other EU officials, which a NATO secretary needs to coordinate sanctions.

    I love to a see a hawk like him to be NATO secretary, but I think his chances are small.

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