Berlusconi called on Zelensky to “stop attacking Donbas”

From the FB page; Stand With Ukraine

Tatiana Goncharko

Feb 22

Zelensky sharply commented on the words of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who called on the Ukrainian president to stop “attacking” Donbas to end the war.

“His house has never been bombed by missiles every day, and thank God that his partner from Russia did not drive a tank into his yard and kill his family and friends.

I think Mr. Berlusconi did not wake up at 3 a.m. and start washing clothes and cooking for his children two days in advance because of the blackout, because there might simply be no electricity for the next two or three days because of the great brotherly love of the Russian people,” he said.

The President emphasized that he wished “this had never happened in Italy, because it is a great tragedy.”

Live UkRaine


  1. Berlusconi perhaps deserves the same fate inflicted upon Ukrainians by orcs: butt-raped, castrated, tongue cut out and burned alive. That would be fair.

  2. Berlusconi has been Putin’s lover for a while. They connect and exchange sweet letters and gifts. Berlusconi Says so.

    Let’s hope he dies soon because I really do not want to hear what he has to say about it.

  3. I can’t stand this horrible creature. And for some reason bad people are living the longest.

    Gauleiters such as Orban, Schröder, Trump, Baudet, Le Pen and Berlusconi should be put on trial Nuremberg-style after the war.

    But of course this will never happen.

    • Unfortunately they do facts. That’s why his bullshit is newsworthy. He’s had a tremendously successful business and political career, is a multibillionaire who still controls much of Italian media and his party; Forza, is part of the ruling coalition.
      Fascism is still big in Italy. The admirable Georgia Meloni is a rare example of an Italian conservative who supports Ukraine. But unfortunately she is not yet strong enough to kick Berlusconi’s shitshow out of her coalition.

      • I meant the world outside of Italy. Hardly anyone in the US knows who this little shit nugget is.

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