After a week of Prigozhin’s whining, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation began shipping projectiles for the “Wagner” PVK

Anastasia Gorbacheva08:45, 23.02.23

The leader of the PVC clarified that the shipment has started only on paper.

Yevhen Prigozhin , the leader of the private military campaign “Wagner” , said that on Thursday, February 23, ammunition began to be shipped to the mercenaries. He complained for about a week that the “Wagners” were not given shells

“Today at 6 a.m., it was reported that the shipment of munitions is starting. Most likely, the train has left. It is still on paper, but as we were told, the main papers have already been signed,” Prigozhin said in  his Telegram channel. 

At the same time, he thanked those who “made the last drop in order to start giving us ammunition.

Problems with projectiles at PVK “Wagner” – what is known

“Putin’s cook” has been complaining since February 16 that the Russian Ministry of Defense does not provide ammunition to his mercenaries. On February 20, he declared that the PMK was “completely starved of ammunition” and linked it to the personal reluctance of the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, to provide for the “Wagnerians”.

At the same time, he published a photo of a mountain of corpses of his mercenaries . According to him, the “Wagnerians” will fight for Bakhmut “until everything ends.”

In turn, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that they do not block the supply of ammunition to “volunteers and servicemen of assault units”, but Prigozhin did not agree with them.

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