A year of full-scale war: EU leaders issued a joint statement on Ukraine

Anastasia Pechenyuk21:52, 23.02.23

Support in the political, economic, humanitarian, financial and military spheres will continue, the European leaders assure.

The leaders of 27 EU countries issued a joint statement on the eve of the anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The EU will not rest until Ukraine wins and is restored after the war, they emphasize in  a statement .

The leaders of the bloc countries emphasized that Ukraine is “part of the European family”, and the Ukrainian people demonstrated “determination in the defense of democracy and freedom, resilience in the face of difficulties and dignity when faced with the crimes of Russia”.

“The European Union will continue to support Ukraine in the political, economic, humanitarian, financial and military spheres, including through rapid coordinated purchases from European industry. We will also support the recovery of Ukraine, for which we will seek to use frozen and immobilized Russian assets in accordance with EU legislation and international law. We will continue to increase collective pressure on Russia to stop the aggressive war,” European leaders said. 

EU countries will stand in solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people “as long as it takes”, the bloc’s leaders assure.

“We support President Zelensky’s peace formula. Together with our international partners, we will ensure that Ukraine wins, respect for international law, restoration of peace and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, restoration of Ukraine and restoration of justice,” the leaders emphasized.

It will be recalled that a day earlier the leaders of the “Bucharest Ten” – nine NATO countries from Central and Eastern Europe – met in Warsaw. They also issued a joint statement emphasizing that they will continue to support Ukraine’s efforts to liberate its territory from Russian invaders as long as necessary. 

US President Joe Biden, who visited Warsaw and Kyiv this week, said in his historic speech  that the US will never tire of helping Ukraine and that Ukraine “will never be a victory for Russia.” 

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