The Russians “destroyed” the BMP on the way to the Armed Forces: the “Javelin” worked on the column (video)

Violetta Orlova19:57, 22.02.23

As a result of the attack, the Armed Forces detonated the ammunition of the Russian equipment itself – the BMP “lost” the turret.

Paratroopers of the 79th separate airborne assault brigade of Mykolaiv destroyed Russian infantry fighting vehicles with accurate shots from the Javelin anti-tank complex during the offensive of the occupiers near Maryinka, the brigade’s message on Facebook says .

A column of a tank and three BMP suddenly started moving towards the positions of the Armed Forces in the middle of the night. So the enemy tried to catch the paratroopers by surprise. However, the terrorists’ plans did not come true – intelligence discovered the enemy’s equipment in time.

One BMP ran into a mine and stopped due to damage. When another BMP approached it to evacuate the landing party, the defenders destroyed both vehicles with a well-aimed shot from the Javelin.

As a result of the attack, the Armed Forces detonated the ammunition of the most racist equipment – the BMP “lost” the tower. night attack on the positions of the Armed Forces ended for the enemy with the loss of 2 BMP

Losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine – the latest news

The losses of the occupiers in the war in Ukraine continue to grow  . According to columnist Oleksandr Kovalenko,  there are two reasons for this  – a poor mobilization resource and a shortage of equipment.

For example, the enemy is trying to replenish manpower resources in the Ugledarsky direction  with sailors who are sent to defeated units as grenade launchers.

According to British intelligence, the total losses of Russian troops in Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion now amount  to 200,000 people , of which up to 60,000 have been eliminated.

Currently , Russia is losing up to 2,000 occupiers  for every 90 meters of captured territory in eastern Ukraine, according to NATO intelligence. Prigozhin showed a mountain of corpses of “Wagnerians” .

New data on lost enemy equipment appears. As calculated by the IISS, since February 24,  Russia has lost about 50% of its pre-war fleet of modern T-72B3 and T-72B3 M tanks. In addition, the enemy has significantly depleted its reserves of cruise missiles, and Russian aviation has also suffered losses.

Separately, the Armed Forces demonstrated the destruction of the rare Russian ” Solntsepok “. Recently, the first confirmation of the destruction of the unique Reb station “Palantin” appeared  .  

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    • Rumours are going around that it was the 150km range missiles that did it. If so, the orcs will need to move their ammo dumps further back out of range. Just one small problem with that, further back is in the Azov Sea.

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