The famous defender of “Azovstal”, who was captured by Russia, died (photo)

Violetta Orlova21:28, 22.02.23

The fighter’s heart could not stand it.

The commander of the 1st battalion of the “Azov” regiment and the defender of “Azovstal” Oleg Mudrak died. The fighter served six months of Russian captivity .

His nephew Danylo announced the death of the defender on Instagram . “Wise Oleg Vasyliovych is a major, a hero, a man of steel, my uncle, my brother, my support, my pride, my beacon and an example of character! I am sure that he set out on his journey without fear, accompanied by incredibly beautiful Valkyries and the same In the afternoon, he got to that hall, where he saw his friends, who were waiting for him with all honors! See you, my dear! The rusk is on the shield!” – wrote Danylo.

The circumstances of the Wiseman’s death are not reported by his nephew. At the same time, the wife of the commander of “Azov” “Redis”, Kateryna Prokopenko, shared a message on Instagram that the soldier’s heart could not stand it.VIDEO OF THE DAYPlay Video

“The heart of a soldier who went through hell has stopped. The consequences of captivity and torture. I don’t want to think about what lies ahead, but we will definitely take revenge,” Prokopenko’s post reads.

Photo of Mudrak before and after capture was published by journalist Stanislav Aseev on his Twitter page back in August. After that, the footage of the wasted soldier went viral on all social networks as evidence of the inhumane treatment of prisoners by the occupiers.


Oleg Mudrak was captured by the Russians in May 2022 – together with other defenders of Mariupol – defenders of “Azovstal”.

Exchange of prisoners – the fate of the defenders of “Azovstal” 

The Russian military  captured more than 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers from the Mariupol plant “Azovstal”.  On June 29, the first of the planned exchanges of prisoners of war took place, as a result of which 144 defenders returned to Ukraine, including 95 defenders of “Azovstal”. 

Since then, defenders of “Azovstal” regularly fall into the lists for exchange. The largest exchange of Mariupol defenders took place in September 2022. Then 200 soldiers, including commanders,  were exchanged for Putin’s best man Viktor Medvedchuk .

As of January 2023, about two thousand  Azovstal defenders were in Russian captivity. On February 16, Ukraine returned another 100 soldiers and one civilian from captivity. It is indicated that 94 defenders defended Mariupol , and 64 of them fought in Azovstal.

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  1. Слава Україні!
    Слава його героям!
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  2. May God welcome him into paradise. He’s paid his dues. God bless him and the many other heroes fighting the horde

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