Russians celebrated the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine: with songs, dances and anti-aircraft fire (photo)

Violetta Orlova15:24, 22.02.23

An anti-aircraft installation was placed near the stadium.

Thousands of Russians gathered for a concert in Luzhniki dedicated to the anniversary of the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. An anti-aircraft installation was noticed near the stadium .

There was a lot of patriotic symbols at the stadium – tricolors, coats of arms of the USSR, flags of Soviet military units with the slogan “Death to the German invaders”. At the same time, the Z symbol is missing, notes the publication “We can explain” .

Favorites of the Putin regime performed at the concert – among others, the group “Lyube” with the song “Soldier”.

The song “Three hundred and thirty-three” was also played on the stage, which contains the words “On the car is a swastika, at the wheel is a dill. Across the field, across the field on the wheels of a coffin.” According to the author, the song is dedicated to Russian artillerymen who are in the war zone in Ukraine.


The occupiers themselves , who killed Ukrainians, were invited as artists . For example, sergeant Mykola Romanenko performed a rap along with the Alexandrov ensemble based on the Soviet “Katyusha”.

Propagandists also invented an “unbelievable” story, how the occupier with the call sign “Angel”, while destroying Mariupol, allegedly took 367 children from there. The “same” children who, as planned by the screenwriters, hugged “Angel” and thanked him for “rescue” were invited to the stage.


The war in Ukraine – a chronology of events

Russia decided on  a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on the morning of February 24 , starting with the bombing of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and other large cities.

Russian tanks  literally broke through the Ukrainian border in the area of ​​Belarus . Many cities came under temporary occupation,  including part of the Kyiv region .

In a nighttime address that preceded the military intervention, Putin called the war a “special operation” to “denazify” and “demilitarize” Ukraine.

Already in the spring, the defeated Russian groups  were forced to leave  the Kyiv, Sumy, and Chernihiv regions, and in September, during the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces,  the Russians fled from the Kharkiv region .

Western media wrote that Putin wanted to take Kyiv in two days, then in a few months, but Russia underestimated the armed forces. 

In the liberated territories, law enforcement officers record the facts of war crimes committed by Russia:  torture  of civilians,  brutal murders  of local residents, including children; mass burials are still  found .

Currently, active fighting is taking place mainly in the Donetsk direction. 

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  1. Not AQ, not isis, not the SS; no creature has ever breathed oxygen in the entire history of this planet that is as evil as the putinazis, their propagandists and those who support them inside or outside putlerstan. Not even close.

  2. This farce has bad music, bad actors, bad fairy tales and altogether a bad composition. I think North Korea had a hand creating this circus show.

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