Readout of President Biden’s Meeting with President Maia Sandu of Moldova

FEBRUARY 21, 2023

Following his speech in Warsaw today, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. met with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of Poland in Warsaw to reaffirm the strong bilateral relationship between the United States and Poland.  President Biden welcomed the Polish government’s decision to select a U.S-based company, Westinghouse, to provide the technology for its first three nuclear reactors, cementing a long-term strategic energy partnership between Poland and the United States.  The leaders also discussed other shared priorities, including support to Ukraine and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.


  1. “And as I told my Russian counterpart not — well, it was a while now — I said, “You’re seeking the — the Finlandization of NATO. You’re going to get the NATOization of Finland.” And it turns out I didn’t know Sweden was coming along as well.”

    A reminder about Finland: the winter war was a massive defeat. They ended up giving away one third of their land to fucking Russia. That can NEVER be allowed to happen again.
    Also, I simply do not understand how the Ukrainians can keep their temper every time that the coming absorption of Finland and Sweden into Nato is discussed in such cheerful terms.
    Obviously they would want to ask: “why the fuck are these two socialist countries previously disdainful of Nato being allowed to leapfrog us?” And: “why the fuck were two countries that never even once met the Nato military spending rules; France and Germany, allowed to block Ukraine and Georgia?”
    The frogs and krauts must be forced to pay full reparations. Georgia has been allowed to slip right back into putler’s orbit. Its foul government is slowly murdering Saskash under putler’s orders, almost entirely without criticism or censure.

    • “I simply do not understand how the Ukrainians can keep their temper every time that the coming absorption of Finland and Sweden into Nato is discussed in such cheerful terms.”
      Either because they are too busy with this war to think about such things or because they are used to being treated like that.

  2. i begin to think since i read you and see how quick you are to find others’ responsibilities and ignore your own, in a word, your intellectual dishonesty,
    that slavery in your society must have profoundly built you up. americans must deeply love slaves to the point of even putting themselves in danger.
    being the leader of enslaved partners is less powerful and less glorious than being the leader of free, empowered partners.
    if you think about it, it’s never a good thing to have diminished neighbors. that’s Putin’s strategy, and you can see the results of being surrounded by diminished people. the challenges are on a human scale, and collaboration is necessary. the space that can be left for ignorance without putting oneself in vital danger is shrinking.

    the idea we have of ourselves is always false and complacent, so the question is for you too, scradgel: what protects you from being unjust and irresponsible?
    (certainly not the representation that you make of yourself)
    you are not lucid about yourself and on top of that you give lessons! … and not especially fair! get your hate treated!

    Americans, you sat on international law to go to war justified by lies of weapons of mass destruction, with the help of a British slave partner – who instead of preventing you from making a mistake helps you to make it –
    the consequence of this adventure: you have harmed yourself, you have harmed the whole western world, and now we are witnessing anti-western and anti-democratic groupings because many people understand that behind the discourse of values there is above all an empire that wants to impose its domination. the extra-territoriality of american law is an illustration of this and is unanimously opposed by the peoples.
    are you considering reparations to your allies for the damage done?

    you really see yourselves as more beautiful than you are :
    Prescott Bush : trade with the Nazis.
    George Bush 1st Iraq war : lie to get the allies on board with his war (lying is stealing).
    George Bush Jr. 2nd Iraq war : lie about weapons of mass destruction, estimated death toll from the conflict over a million (judgment to come?)
    Trump: no positive action on North Korea which is now supplying weapons to Ukraine, negative action on Iran increasing the nuclear threat, delay in fighting climate change (main danger that threatens human societies), country split in two and demonstration to the world that the United States could become an illiberal state itself.
    Obama : does not respect his red lines on chemical weapons (France was ready and asked the Americans to go together. consequence: increased feeling of impunity of Putin and great return on the international scene)

    beyond the fact that one cannot hope to be good and right by moving away from the truth – if you want to remain in blindness as in a speculative bubble – then you will be a danger to yourself of course but also to others, because of your size.
    It is possible for everyone to be pretentious – to be right requires much more effort and demands…

    • If you believe all that drivel YOU are the slave, a slave to propaganda. But because of western morals and rights you are allowed to post your opinion….which is something the west’s enemies would not allow. Think about it…

    • The long-winded drivel you wrote doesn’t make it any truer, what you claim. It makes it more of a pain to read.

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