Destruction In Mariupol: Details Of Series Of Explosions Become Known

Among other things, the occupants’ ammunition warehouse near the airport was destroyed.


Twelve explosions have taken place in temporarily occupied Mariupol and there are confirmations that an ammunition depot at the airport and an enemy stronghold in Kalmiusskiy district were hit. This was reported by Mariupol city mayor’s adviser Petro Andryushchenko.

“Mariupol explosions. Chronicles. 22:33 (Kyiv time) the first explosion occurred. A total of 12 explosions were heard. Two of them were definitely the result of the occupants’ air defence. It was recorded in the area of the slag mountain on Makar Mazai street and in the fields behind Kurchatov street. A hit at the ammunition depot at Mariupol airport was confirmed with an excellent detonation response. A hit at the occupants’ base at the Ilyich Steel Mill 300 (Kalmiusskiy district) has been recorded,” Andryushchenko wrote.

According to his information, after the first explosions at 22:57, the occupants lifted planes into the sky. Around 23:00, the lights in the city centre disappeared, then light and communications disappeared near the Right Bank, and communications disappeared on the Left Bank from Azovstal to Solnechny market.

Also during the night, machine gun fire, the sound of signal rockets being launched and the movement of equipment could be heard in the city.

A total of 12 explosions occurred and there were two confirmed hits.


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