“We are not at war with the people of Ukraine”: Russians kill 6 residents of Kherson during putin’s speech, another 12 injured

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During the russian shelling of Kherson, six civilians were killed and 12 more were injured today, on February 21. This was reported by the South Operational Command.

“It’s just that during the bloody dictator putin’s speech about “we are not at war with the people of Ukraine”, the rashists shot at peaceful Kherson and Ochakiv from multiple launch rocket systems”, – the report says.

It is noted that in Kherson, the enemy hit residential areas, critical infrastructure facilities, a kindergarten, a hospital, private garages and cars.

“Several houses received significant damage, several apartments are on fire in multi-apartment buildings as a result of a direct hit”, – they write in the South Operational Command.

A local market and a public transport stop were also shelled.

“Just in the middle of the street, in their own homes and workplaces, civilians of Kherson were injured and died. At the moment, 6 dead and 12 wounded are known. The data is being specified”, – was added in the message.

In addition, the invaders continued shelling the port infrastructure in Ochakiv, 1 civilian was wounded.

The scale of destruction is being specified.

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  1. ALWAYS assume that a ruskie is lying to you. THEN, try to determine if it’s the truth. Mostly, it’s not. Ruskies are a murderous pack of creatures, evil to the bone, with black souls and dark minds. Any spider, snake or tick has a more important reason to exist on this planet than a ruskie.

  2. Oh my God. It’s times like this that any sense of humanity that I may have is thrown out and all I want is all Mosksli killed in the most horrible way imaginable.

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