Twelve EU nations threaten to boot anyone helping Russia out of the Single Market

The 12 member states have kicked off an internal row within the EU, with a document calling for anyone helping Russia to be shut out from trading with the single market.


11:01, Tue, Feb 21, 2023 | UPDATED: 13:35, Tue, Feb 21,

Twelve EU countries are calling on the bloc to ramp up its response to states and private companies defying their sanctions on Russia. understands that Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Spain and The Netherlands have prepared the document calling for a firm new stance from the EU, as senior officials prepare to come up with a tenth package of sanctions on Putin’s regime.

The EU’s sanctions summit comes as the one-year anniversary of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine nears on 24 February.

The new measures could include restricting access to the EU single market if third nations or private firms are found to be in breach of the sanctions placed on Russia.

This comes after Vladimir Putin said Russia is suspending its participation in a treaty aimed at keeping a lid on nuclear weapons expansion.

The so-called New START Treaty was signed by Russia and the US in 2010. It caps the number of long-range nuclear warheads they can deploy and limits the use of missiles that can carry atomic weapons.

Putin said Tuesday in a major address that Russia was not fully withdrawing from the treaty yet.

He said Russia must stand ready to resume nuclear weapons tests if the US does so.


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  1. As predicted … ramp up the fear factor to inhibit the desire to aid Ukraine.

    It put Russia into poverty before and will not improve their standard of living. Why is Russian economic thinking so underdeveloped?

    Tradition isn’t always a good think I think. Obviously, I am American.

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