Intelligence of the Netherlands reported about Russia’s plans to commit sabotage in the North Sea

Artem Budrin05:41, 21.02.23

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The Kremlin wants to cause problems in the Dutch energy sector.

Russia was looking for points in the North Sea where they could sabotage in order to interrupt the power supply to the Netherlands. According to the NOS resource, the director of the Dutch military intelligence MIVD, Jan Svillens, reports that the Russians tried to create a special map for this.

A few months ago, a Russian ship was discovered in the sea off the Netherlands trying to collect data on wind farms. According to Swillens, “the ship was dealt with in time” and the danger was eliminated.

In addition to wind farms in Russia, there was also important information about Internet cbles and gas pipelines. Russian intelligence needs cartographic data on the above objects.

According to the Dutch special services, such actions of the Russian Federation are preparation for sabotage. It is also possible that the Kremlin services will attack other objects. Including those related to drinking water.

It should be noted that recently the Netherlands once again expelled Russian diplomats from the country . In 2022, the number of expelled Russian diplomats was 17 people. Amsterdam also does not allow Russians who are intelligence officers to work in diplomatic missions.

The relationship between the Netherlands and Russia is worth knowing

Recently, Amsterdam announced that it has completely got rid of dependence on Russian energy carriers .

The authorities of the Netherlands are ready to create a new tribunal with the support of the UN to consider cases of the invasion and war crimes of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

In October last year, it became known that the Netherlands offered Europe an alternative to Russian gas .

In addition, Amsterdam regularly helps Ukraine to fight against Russia. The Netherlands expressed support for the supply of aircraft to Kiev. Also, the Prime Minister of the country announced his readiness to supply 100 Leopards together with Denmark . The country’s government also additionally announced the possibility of transferring tens of thousands of Leopard shells to Ukraine .

However, an incident was recorded in the Netherlands, in which they discovered the supply of chips to Russia even in circumvention of sanctions .

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