In Ukraine, the activities of the Party of Regions were banned

Veronika Prokhorenko16:46, 21.02.23

The relevant decision was adopted by the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal in accordance with the request of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the Party of Regions, the party of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, was officially banned . Previously, the ex-leader of the country presided there in 2003-2010.

The appropriate decision was made on Tuesday, February 21, by the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal, as stated on the department’s  Facebook page . 

“On February 21, 2023, the panel of judges of the Eighth AAS concluded the consideration of administrative case No. P/857/1/23 On the banning of the political party “Party of Regions”, the message reads.

The publication mentions that the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine was the appropriate initiator of the case to ban the party.

Also, as part of its verdict, the court obliged the party members to transfer property, funds and other assets, as well as assets of regional, city, district organizations, primary organizations and other structural entities to the state ownership of Ukraine.

There they promised to soon publish the official text about the party’s ban on the websites of the Ministry of Justice and the Verkhovna Rada

Prohibition of the Party of Regions in Ukraine – what preceded it

It should be noted that in 2010, former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych ran for the leadership of the country on behalf of the Party of Regions.

Later, after Yanukovych’s escape to the Russian Federation against the background of the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 , the “regionals” tried to distance themselves from the activities of their former chairman and officially accused him of cowardice and betrayal of Ukraine .

In the same year, the party effectively ceased its activities, but its former members continued to express pro-Russian views as part of new political associations, in particular, the OPZZH party (Opposition Platform – for Life). Its activities were officially banned on June 20, 2022. 

In total, in 2022, at the initiative of the Ministry of Justice, the court banned the activities of more than a dozen political parties : OPZZ, “Opposition Bloc”, Sharia Party, “Nashi” Party, Communist Party and others.

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  1. It is about 9 years late, but alright.

    I think the same should be said about the Opposition Bloc parties: all members should be dismembered, all assets taken and being used to do some demining work in their underwear or sent to Russian trenches with bomb jackets.

    Their partners should also be stripped of any assets and have their reproductive organs removed, no anesthetics needed.

    The Boyko’s and other scum should be eliminated. Also these corrupt mayors like the one in Mariupol (also an Opposition Bloc member).

    Too bad the West will be all whining if Ukraine would do all these cool things.

  2. Banning a political party is a bit extreme if you don’t know what the party stood for. Basically Nazism and a permanent takeover of democracy in Ukraine. Opposition to a party is one thing but opposition to the State itself is what got them banned. Same goes for the ROC. If anyone feels sorry for such decisions then they are akin to Nazis and anarchists themselves.

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