From the FB page; Pray for Ukraine

Jack Swindle

Feb 21

🇺🇦 Day 362 of the war in Ukraine!
The Munich conference has just finished meeting with many countries showing support for Ukraine. Leaders pledged to stay and support Ukraine for as long as needed. But now has come the time where Ukraine needs help with everything for a quick victory. Ukraine appreciates all help that has been provided by many countries. They know that other nations are getting tired of providing assistance and their people are getting tired as well. But Ukraine is also getting tired of living in constant fear, torment and death. That is why they plead with humility and apperception for that all assistance to be given quickly in order to win this war as soon as possible. Ukraine more than any country does not want to see a war that is prolonged because of lack of tools to fight and win. We pray that all countries will understand and provide everything needed to quickly win and recognize that a victory for Ukraine is also a victory for them.


  1. praying doesn’t work.
    i have just tested it and the war is still there

    therefore, my new religion is called F-16 Fighting Falcon.
    I hope that will work.

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