Endless Flow Of ‘Cargo 200’ To Russia: Shocking Footage From Novosibirsk Airport

Hundreds of coffins have been caught on video


The Love Novosibirsk telegram channel has published a video showing around a hundred coffins. According to the channel, the video was made at Novosibirsk’s Tolmachevo airport, and in the zinc boxes are the bodies of those killed in Ukraine.

The video was sent by one of the channel’s subscribers. It is not known when the video was recorded.

“Love Novosibirsk” reports that death certificates are attached to the coffins, some with the region or locality where the cargo will be sent next.

Airport workers showed them how hundreds of zinc coffins with the bodies of mobilised people killed in Ukraine arrive.

Copies of death certificates are attached directly to the coffins. They will be transported further around the region by trucks.


    • Isn’t the Russians picking up their dead shocking? You are right though, they were probably someplace where the Russians couldn’t just leave them. We shouldn’t be shocked.

    • I wouldn’t call that shocking either.

      Actually it is, but only because there should be a lot more.

      • yes, I was actually disappointed.
        i expected the whole warehouse to be pilled up with corpses, but there were just like a hundred.

        yes it is sad for the families, but more sad for the Ukrainians they could have killed weren’t they dead.

        the more Russians die, the more it will be felt by ordinary Russians.

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