Navalny changes stance on Crimea

20.02.2023 18:20

Russian opposition figure and political prisoner Oleksiy Navalny published 15 principles of his political platform, where he noted that the borders of Ukraine were designated in 1991, and that Russia must recognize them.

The principles of Navalny’s political platform were published by Meduza, Ukrinform reports.

“What are the borders of Ukraine? The same as the Russian ones – internationally recognized, defined in 1991. We, Russia, also recognized them back then. Russia must recognize these borders now, too. There is nothing to discuss here. Almost all borders in the world were drawn randomly and a subject of someone’s dissatisfaction. But it is impossible to go to war to alter them in the 21st century. Otherwise, the world will plunge into chaos,” Navalny wrote.

He added that Russia will suffer a military defeat in Ukraine, and this is what changed the rhetoric of Russian authorities from “We’ll capture Kyiv in three days” to threats to use nuclear weapons in the event of defeat.

As reported, in the fall of 2014, Oleksiy Navalny declared that Crimea is “de facto Russian.” Answering a question about Crimea, he said: “Is Crimea a sausage sandwich or what? To pass it back and forth?”

In 2021, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Oleksiy Kuleba, said that “the sandwich will have to be returned – not bitten but fresh and in good condition.”



  1. He’s no Nemtsov and don’t entirely trust him. He’s speaking as a captive, not a free man. RuSSia is planning some major shit and this fact voids his statement. Putin is about to declare open war against Ukraine tomorrow.

  2. Oleksiy Navalny has finally seen the truth about Crimea; it is Ukrainian territory, and it shall be retaken!

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