Moscow was warned about Biden’s visit to Kyiv “to avoid conflict” – White House

Anastasia Pechenyuk16:07, 20.02.23

Biden was satisfied that the risks during the visit “were manageable,” officials say.

US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said he notified Moscow of Joe Biden’s visit to Kiev.

According to CNN , the warning was issued shortly before the departure of the American leader from Washington in order to avoid a conflict between the two nuclear powers.

“We notified Russia that President Biden will leave for Kiev a few hours before departure in order to avoid a conflict situation,” said Sullivan, who, we recall, was also part of the American delegation that arrived in Kiev today and met with Head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak

It is also reported that the visit was prepared for many months, the final decision was made by the US President during a meeting in the Oval Office on Friday after negotiations with “the highest echelons of the Ukrainian government.” The National Security Council and the White House military office, with input from a small number of officials from the US Secret Service, the Pentagon and the intelligence community, were involved in planning the visit, Deputy National Security Adviser John Finer said.

“He (Biden – UNIAN) was satisfied that the risk was manageable,” Sullivan said.

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