“Leader of the invaders”: Rospropaganda made laugh with a new “title” for Biden (video)

Marta Gichko18:10, 20.02.23

At the same time, propagandists dream of a visit to “sunny Kyiv” in the near future.

Russian propagandists continue to hysteria over US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine. This time they said that the American leader was “walking around sunny Kyiv” only because Russia is a “civilized country.”

According to the Telegram channel ” Neshutki “, on the air of a propaganda program on the federal channel, the general director of the “Institute for Political Studies” Sergei Markov called Biden “the leader of the occupiers”, Russia – “a civilized country”, and then dreamed that soon he himself would be able to visit Kiev ” with the help of the Russian army.

“Kyiv is a sunny city. Since 2014, we have been banned from going there. And we hope that thanks to the Russian army, we will be able to be in our glorious city – the ancient capital of Russia. To go there again and enjoy the beauty that the leader of the occupier Joe Biden is now enjoying. Residents Ukrainians should wash their faces with tears when they look at this visit, because its goal is for the inhabitants of Ukraine to kill and die,” the disgraced Markov said.

The scandalous propagandist did not calm down at this, but stated that Biden’s visit to Ukraine took place only because the “civilized country of Russia” allowed it.

“We are a civilized country. I’m sure that Biden flew to Kiev because he received security guarantees from the Russian side that he would not be “covered,” Markov said, adding that the sirens in Kiev during Biden’s visit were “fake.”

“Everyone knows that if Russia said that it does not hit Kiev during the visits of some statesmen, then this will not happen. We are those who stick to our word, those who remain on the side of goodness and civilization,” he added. propagandist.

https://www.unian.net/player/VC6Z3z8CPropagandists were furious because of Biden’s visit to Kyiv

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  1. You treated Ukraine like shit. Ukrainians made the right decision to join those who honor them instead of those who kill them.

    • “And we hope that thanks to the Russian army, we will be able to be in our glorious city – the ancient capital of Russia.”

      Correction: Kyiv is the capital of the Rus, not Russia. There were no more Rus territories when the Muskovites changed their name from Moskovia to Russia.

      • RuSSians are ukrainians, not the other way around. Just colonists hiding behind nukes to destroy the motherland to make the world believe they are us.

  2. It’s nice they cite “goodness and civilization”.

    The next step is for them to understand what it means and how genocide doesn’t fit into it.

  3. And here we go …

    Joe Biden’s ‘blank cheque’ Ukraine policy attacked by Ron DeSantis

    I guess he can’t understand the value of freedom.

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