It’s time to admit it: Mitt Romney was right about Russia

An article from Feb 27, 2022


  1. Romney was definitely correct.

    He was easy to lampoon due to his personality and got hit unfairly especially over the “binders of women” comment in regards to potential cabinet members. I understand though that he literally did have binders full of candidates with CVs and resumes. Like seven pound binders if NPR (National Public Radio) is to be believed. In fact it indicates a systematic methodological search which if you believe in gender equality is something you would applaud.

    I wish Romney had been wrong and they had taken advantage of the opportunity to lock in Europe as their energy customers and use those revenues to build their economy in other areas. Russia lost an opportunity to move forward for nothing.

    • Sir Bert, respectfully I disagree with your observation or conclusion. The lame street media eviscerated Romney for his comment including CNN AND MSNBC. This report is not only late I would expect CNN and the rest of the shit head media to apologize for their coverage. As to whether Fox would or would not is irrelevant and just another example of the left using their usual method of EAD (evade, avoid and distract).

  2. I think of self-reflection being a unique feature that only people on the (center)left-side of the political spectrum seem to possess.

    Your comment seems to be supportive of this hypothesis.

    “Lame street media”, “shit head media”.
    Really? 😂

    Why I made my comment? Because everyone on this website is shitting on all media that isn’t far-right, calling it biased, while I have seen plenty of examples of so called leftist media criticising Democrats or calling themselves wrong about something, while I have never seen anything like that on Fox and similar news outlets.

    Yes, all partisan media use framing, omit certain details and all this kind of trickery to help promote a certain narrative, including CNN, but they are far from the worst offenders.

    I am still waiting for Fox News to write an article: “Why Carlson Tucker was wrong about Russia.”

    I don’t think that such an article will ever be written.

    • Typical left wing crap. Carlson is not a journalist or a reporter. He’s an opinion entertainer and typical for the left wing to conflate a program in opinion vs news. If you want to throw stones go to CNN AND MSNBC where they intentionally report ops ion rather then facts and news

  3. No matter what media source you choose to glean information from, the consumer is always left having to sift though a ton of rubbish. It is easy to get stuck in a media information bubble by our preferences. Trying to keep an open mind on matters can be challenging. Most media do report opinion pieces, and commentaries. Figuring out what is on target and truthful should be compared and fact checked. We can have our own opinions, but facts matter. There is an interesting sight I heard about from Denys Davydov called Ground News which considers and compares an articles leanings and biases.
    I haven’t looked into it too much yet, but a pretty cool idea.

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