Girkin: Riot Of Mobilized Soldiers Disrupts Russian Offensive In Donbass

The Russian offensive south of Avdiivka has started to stall.


The Russian army offensive south of Avdiivka has started to stall and failed to succeed. This was reported by former DPR leader Igor Girkin on his Telegram channel.

The terrorist said that the Russian army units near Avdiivka had run out of human resources. In addition, serious problems with military equipment, artillery and ammunition have emerged – the AFU is inflicting such heavy losses on the occupiers that the Avdiivka offensive has stalled.

Moreover, Girkin stressed that the Russian army failed to make up for its losses with the mobilized troops near Avdiivka, because it was here – in the rear – that the mobilized battalion from Tuva, which was then recalled back to Russia, rioted.

“It was here – on the home front – that a battalion of mobilized from Tuva rioted and was safely withdrawn back to their home,” he said.

He also added that the Russians’ manpower problems are getting worse. earlier wrote that Girkin “buried” Russia’s big offensive in Ukraine.

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  1. I would think at this point Gorkin would concentrate on finding a rock he can crawl under as when this war ends allot of people are going to be searching for him.

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