From the FB page; Pray for Ukraine

Feb 20

🇺🇦 Day 361 of the war in Ukraine!
It has been discovered that Russian occupiers are draining water from Kakhovskoi hydroelectric power plant. This poses a danger to 70 percent of Ukrainians, as well as other countries of the Black Sea basin. There are 6 reservoirs on the Dnipro River, all of which interact with each other. Kakhovskoe and Kremenchukskoe are the largest and they contain 2/3 of all water. Any changes in one cause a problem for the entire region. What Russia is doing is already having an environmental and humanitarian effect on Ukraine and surrounding regions. As the water levels drop the effects become more and more extensive and serious. This is just another type of genocide that Russia is trying to inflict on the Ukrainian people.
Photo: Dropping water levels in the Zaporizhzhia region of Ukraine have exposed fishing nets and roots of aquatic plants along the shoreline of the Dnipro river.


  1. This is planned, systematic, potentially huge scale genocide. An act of staggering evil. A hate crime, committed by a neo-nazi regime consisting of the worst creatures that have ever breathed oxygen.
    Look at their other documented crimes: tying civilians hands behind their back and shooting them in the head, castration, beheading, torture, rape: of boys, men, girls, women and old ladies, rape: cutting out the tongue of the victim and burning the body, rape, torture and murder of children, huge scale thieving, huge scale destruction of buildings, deliberately firing missiles, artillery and tank rounds into buildings, destruction of life and death utilities such as water supply, gas, electric. Bombing hospitals, schools, kindergartens, old people’s homes, shopping malls.
    Deliberately murdering people in their homes. Openly declaring a policy of demolition of cities, towns and villages. Entering an entirely innocent nation carrying huge kill lists of local and national officials.
    Openly declaring, via RIA Novosti and TV propagandists, an intention of genocide.

  2. Where is the outcry over this? I googled the subject. But, all the usual worthless suspects are silent … UN, OSCE, AI, UNICEF, EU, WHO. Their bank accounts are stuffed with rubles to assure their silence?

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