“EU is slow”: Borrell called the priority task in the supply of weapons to Ukraine

Ludmila Zhernovskaya00:52, 20.02.23

He urged to use what the allies already have.

Vice-President of the European Commission, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that Ukraine urgently needs to transfer ammunition .

During a speech at the Munich Security Conference, he stressed that the allies are spending too much time deciding on battle tanks for Ukraine, while the situation with ammunition has become dire, writes CNN .

“Don’t confuse short-term goals with medium-term goals. Short-term, very short-term, more ammunition for Ukraine. Ukrainians get a lot of applause and little ammunition. It’s a paradox. They need less applause and a better supply of weapons,” he said.

According to Borrell, the issue of ammunition should be resolved within a few weeks. “Ukrainians are fighting, paying the highest price – with their lives, but this war takes place on European soil, affects us and has global consequences around the world, which also affects our security,” the Vice President of the European Commission added.

The EU is slow to provide military assistance to Ukraine, and future deliveries cannot be made through joint purchases because they take too long, Borrell said. “We have to use what we have,” he added.

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  1. *** Urgent ***

    Nothing needs to be held back for use in ‘future’ conflicts.

    If Europe or the US is attacked (China? Aliens? Elvis?) while ‘ammunition less’ because they ‘gave everything’ to Ukraine, there are still many categories of weapons systems that haven’t been provided such as cruise missiles, F-35s, B-2s, submarines etc. etc.

    Not having 155mm shells isn’t going to make Europe or the US vulnerable. They just need to say “don’t mess with me right now because I am not at all in the mood for it” and pity the fool who won’t listen.

    • Right you are!
      I am a bit confused over the necessity to announce to the world our ammunition shortage. We could’ve just kept it a secret and merely told the Ukrainians about it.

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