Chinese company caught supplying missile equipment to Russia

Elena Kovalenko16:44, 20.02.23

The modules that the company supplies to the Russian Federation can be used in Russian and Iranian drones, as well as Russian missile systems for shelling Ukraine

Against the backdrop of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) put the Chinese company ComNav Technology on the list of international sponsors of the war.

According to a statement on the NAPC website  , ComNav manufactures and supplies navigation and radar equipment to Russia.

According to the report, the company supplies navigation modules to the Russian Federation with support for the Russian GLONASS system (analogous to the American GPS).

“The modules can be used in Russian and Iranian drones, as well as Russian missile systems for shelling Ukraine. Evidence of this was provided by the Economic Security Council of Ukraine to the NACP. From February 24 to December 30, 2022, ComNav Technology made 73 deliveries to the territory of the Russian Federation for a total amount of $2.1 million. Most often, the company supplied Russia with navigation and radar equipment,” the NAPC said.

The NAPC emphasized that the use of the GLONASS system in Russian military equipment almost completely depends on foreign-made modules.

“And since the purchase of Western modules is currently becoming more difficult for Russia due to the disclosure of numerous schemes of” parallel “(or” gray “) imports, Russia is increasingly relying on Chinese manufacturers,” the agency concluded.

ComNav Technology and GLONASS

ComNav Technology is a major Chinese manufacturer of microelectronics. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the company did not stop the production of GLONASS-enabled modules and other microelectronics for the Russian market.

The GLONASS navigation system was created back in the Soviet Union – primarily for military purposes: navigation of drones and missile systems, intelligence activities, coordination of ground combat groups and navigation of the navy.

With the help of the GLONASS system, the Russian military controls Iranian Shahed-136 UAVs.

NAPC and sponsors of the war

NAPC has already listed the following companies as international sponsors of the war: Procter&Gamble, OpenWay Group, Danieli, TMS Tankers Ltd., Minerva Marine Inc., Thenamaris Ships Management, Delta Tankers Ltd., Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd., Leroy Merlin, Mondi Group/Mondi PLC, eKassir, Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry and Bonduelle.

All companies included in this list are included in the World-Check database from the international company London Stock Exchange Group in order to protect the financial sector from the sponsors of the Russian war.

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  1. China says they going to state “the territorial integrity of all countries must be respected” about the Russian conflict in Ukraine. Obviously that is meant to suggest Russia has some complaint about territorial integrity. They don’t and this is just support for Russia and for China in Taiwan (which the PRC has NEVER ruled).

    As for ‘territorial integrity”, when someone flies spy balloon over the US, China claims it’s a “political farce manufactured by the US” who is “using all means to block and suppress China”.

    China’s policy is simply that territory once held by large empires is theirs forever and any claims to the contrary are “political farce”. Rather, it is China that is the farce. Free Tibet!!!! Allow Taiwan to participate in the Olympics under their name and flag.

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