Ukrainian Military Smashed Huge Column Of Russian Troops From SPG Near Vuhledar

The invaders did not even have time to approach the AFU positions


The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to inflict huge losses on the Russian occupying army in the Vuhledar direction. The enemy is trying to throw a large amount of manpower and equipment into battle, but every time the Ukrainian soldiers repulse the invaders’ attempts to advance.

The day before, the artillerymen of the 72nd brigade defeated the column of invaders on the outskirts of Vuhledar. This is stated in the new piece by TSN.

The fighters successfully worked on the column of invaders from the self-propelled guns M109. In turn, Russian terrorists are unsuccessfully trying to “hunt down” the artillery installations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of aviation, including drones.

The Ukrainian warriors say that during the big offensive of the Russian army on Vuhledar, the servicemen of the 72nd brigade delivered hundreds of artillery strikes on the enemy. In total, about 300 shells could be fired from one self-propelled gun per day.

The gunners added that with the help of the M109 self-propelled guns it is possible to destroy not only Russian tanks. The target can also be the infantry and other equipment of the occupying army.


  1. Top class effort.
    It is acknowledged that main advantage of the putinazis; apart from huge numbers of fucking orcs, is their unlimited number of artillery systems with unlimited ammo, long range and decent quality.
    A priority must be to take these nasty mothefuckers out. Can switchblades do the job? If not, what can? Some quick and viable solutions need to be formulated quickly. The vermin are inflicting high losses on the defenders with this artillery and it is urgent to rectify the problem.

    • An immediate supply of ATACMS and Western aircraft could address the artillery situation fast enough. But … we know all too well the age-old story about that.

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