This is very horrible news if true


  1. A fearless president might say to the chicoms: “if you do this, our response will be catastrophic for you. It will initially be financial, but all options are on the table.”
    He/she might also say to putler: “if you go ahead with this, we will have no alternative but to enter Ukraine with our armed forces. We have no intention of letting you steal Ukraine’s land or any other people’s land.”

    • It seems to be in China’s interest for Poopin’s war to drag on as long as possible. I doubt president eleven minds at all that there is war in Europe. I might also add that the Chinese are very shrewd and would probably sell weapons and I doubt Poopin could afford that. If China ends up on the wrong side of history and with the war criminals it won’t help their designs for Taiwan. As far as NATO goes they’re probably still hiding under their desks with their thumbs in their mouths…

  2. I think that the average reader knows that we’ve been warning continuously about the weak signals that we’ve been sending out to the trash countries on this globe since the war started. This piece of news, if true, is just another consequence of our completely slow, weak and half-hearted efforts to defeat mafia land. Then, we have Iran, North Korea AND bat virus land helping the crime syndicate to kill, murder, maim and destroy in Ukraine.

    Apple buyers (and all Made in China buyers), do you copy?

  3. More rashist war crimes/genocide as they continue to destroy Mariupol culture and landmarks, while ignoring humanitarian needs of the Ukrainian people. Source Sky News.

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