“The meaning of life is to die”: Feigin predicted the collapse of the following mobilizations in Russia

Anastasia Gorbacheva18:00, 19.02.23

The human rights activist noted that a war of attrition would seriously affect the desire of Russians to fight.

The Russian authorities will not be able to maintain the level of support for the war in Ukraine . Russian President Vladimir Putin has exhausted the resource of stimulating the war through patriotic slogans and propaganda appeals

“I don’t see any reserve of enthusiasm. Stimulate – don’t stimulate: ‘Holy War’ or whatever else Kiriyenko came up with. Well, Putin will say this, and what will change? other means? I don’t understand this. All this is designed for complete morons. Therefore, I don’t think it can cause any surge of enthusiasm,” said Russian human rights activist and lawyer Mark Feigin in an interview with UNIAN.

At the same time, he noted that the opinion is being replicated in Russian society that “the goal of a Russian person is to suffer and die.

“They call, they say that in general the whole meaning of life is to die. Here Dugin formulated this in an extreme form, unlike them and their reservations – a meaningful life, a transition from one state to another, as this fool Solovyov says. And this said bluntly: the goal of a Russian person is to suffer and die, everything else does not deserve respect. The rhetorical game will continue. But I repeat when they say: a war of attrition, to deplete what? After all, not only material, but also spiritual feelings are depleted. a lot, including this frenzied patriotism,” the lawyer said.

According to him, the war of attrition provides for the depletion of patriotism and enthusiasm.

“And Putin’s words alone, his appeals, appeals to the Federal Assembly and shouts at rallies will no longer be able to stimulate more. Well, let him call it a domestic war – let’s mobilize even more. So, you have already mobilized and will continue. What will change “Give me a uniform? Modern tanks will appear instead of this junk? Fifth-generation aircraft? Nothing will change. I think Putin has exhausted the resource of stimulating the war through patriotic slogans and propaganda calls. Even if the war goes over to Russian territory, if they really shell Moscow, they it is no coincidence that air defense systems are deployed there, I rather believe that this will inspire more fear than cause more enthusiasm,” Feigin summed up.

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